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About our Success!

In 2018, The Penn Alexander School graduated 30 eighth grade students who were admitted to Central High School - the city's premier magnet high school. But, the only students from Penn Alexander who tested into the advanced math track at Central were Trapezium Math Club kids! Click here for their story! 





About The Founder

About The Founder

In 2010, Angela McIver started an after-school math program in her home after discovering that her eight year old daughter was becoming confused by the math program at her elementary school. As word of her program grew, it became clear that Trapezium needed to find a new space. So, in September 2014, Trapezium moved from her house into a commercial space in West Philadelphia. Presently, the program serves students from several public, charter and Independent schools in Philadelphia through after-school and summer camp programs. 

What began in her home as a program to fill the gaps in the elementary math curriculum, turned into a program that gets children to perform impressive math skills beyond their grade levels. By teaching students in a non-classroom environment, Trapezium is able to push “gifted” and “struggling” kids alike - building confidence and tenacity along the way.

Last year, Angela launched Dinner Table Math with games and resources to empower parents to build confident, fearless math learners at home. 

In 2019, Angela launched Trapezium Math for Schools which provides classroom teacher kits to support differentiated instruction in the math classroom. 

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